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I’ve started hashing out the details for 2 separate blacksmithing workshops and have officially begun to offer one of these workshops. The details are below. The first one, A Night by the Fire, is open for registration and the second, Blacksmithing Basics, is not yet available.

I’m looking forward to getting some folks into my shop to try some of these techniques. I find moving metal to be addictive and enjoy seeing that interest light up in others who try it. Also I really want to see some women try their hand at this. Women are incredibly capable and I want to make sure those who enter my shop know that they have all the muscle and skills needed to do this, they only need to practice just like anyone else would.


A Night by the Fire

  • This 2 person workshop will walk you and a friend through basic blacksmithing techniques. You’ll learn how to operate a forge, heat steel stock to the appropriate temperature, and practice your hammer swing. I’ll teach you the tapering, twisting, and spiraling skills it takes to make an iron wall hook for your home. Each participant will apply these techniques by making their own wall hook.
  • Despite what you’ve been told, blacksmithing is not just for big bearded men. People of all shapes, sizes, and experiences are welcome to participate in this workshop. And who knows, An Evening by the Fire may even make a “hot” date night.
  • $75
    2 person
    2 hours
  • This evening class is offered on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30.
  • The cost covers your metal, safety gear, and access to blacksmithing tools. You must be  18 years or older and are required to sign a liability form.

Blacksmithing Basics and will be:

  • $100 per person
    4 person workshop
    6 total hours over the course of 2 days

This 2 day workshop will offer 4 participants ample opportunity to learn the basics to being a blacksmith. Each participant will have a total of 6 hours to learn how to light and maintain a coal fired forge. The differences in blacksmithing hammers and which type is right for you. Forging techniques including how to taper, upset, twist, flatten, spread, spiral and hook metal stock. Along with the inside scoop on how to get started creating your own shop to practice your skills at home. This is a hands on workshop and is designed to teach techniques as well as to provide plenty of practice time.





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