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I’ve begun logging my hours. Mostly in chalk on my shop wall. As the weeks pass I can see my days are getting longer and more productive. Some of my readers may be aware that I have been battling Lyme Disease. I can now look back and see the stages of my improving health chalked on the wall.

Regardless of my personal reasons for clocking hours, I think this is a great exercise for any artist to try.  I got the idea from Erin Curry in an Art Lab meeting a couple months ago. Everyone decided to set a goal of 20 hours in the studio and start clocking hours to see how close they were. I thought “20 hours, that’s easy”. Turns out I was clocking around 15. I found my perceived time spent in the studio was largely effected by how much I accomplished that day. Interestingly enough, now that I’m holding myself accountable for time, I am accomplishing way more!

And on that note, I am proud to say I’m finished grinding branches and they are all in place! I also welded on supports that link the branches to eachother. This tree is strong enough to climb!

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