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Roots, etched surface design

  • The two deer are complete, but one still needs some touch up (grind grind), and both need to rust before the finished photos can be had.  Startle should be in the ground by Wednesday next week for the Art on the Beltline Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • In the meantime I am finalizing designs for Roots, winner of the Coral Gables Museum Benchmarks Competition.  Here’s a big ol full scale painting of the etched design for the bench top I have been working on. This will get cut up into a detailed stencil like The Giving Tree canopy design. However, instead of plasma cutting out the leaf shapes, I will be etching the black areas with acid to create a slightly raised surface of foliage.
  • And on top of all I’m moving shops! Out of the “Aquarium”, where lavish waterfalls flow from the roof every time it rains, and into the _______ (name suggestions?), where the ceilings are tall and the walls are dry! I am so excited for this big move. I’ll be posting photos next week when everything is in place.
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