Collaborative Cloud Installation

Big Projects, Beginning to End, Cloud Chandeliers

In collaboration with my very talented sister, Karen Tharp, I recently completed a sculptural lighting installation for a new Pizza Fusion location in Naples, FL .  The installation included several lighting pendants and 3 large cloud chandeliers. Both the pendants and the clouds incorporated metal and paper to create durable and illuminated focal points for the restaurant.

Karen’s work often includes fastidiously cut paper images some you may recognize from her Etsy Shop or Facebook Page. In addition to cut paper Karen also works in resin coated vintage book paper. Karen masterfully sculpted this durable and unique material onto the metalwork I had fabricated. The book paper featured overlapping images and pages of text showcasing the history of Florida.   It added both a light and graceful element to the sculptures that my metalwork alone cannot achieve.

We were really happy with how the work turned out and look forward to showing you images of the work once it is illuminated in Pizza Fusion. For now I’d love to share some progress images and details of our final pieces.

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