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Lift is successfully installed. Thanks to YOU and the Scottsdale Public Art Program this large sculpture will be enjoyed by people of all ages in cities near and far.

Today it stands in Scottsdale, AZ where it is being seen, explored, considered, photographed, and appreciated by patrons of nearby restaurants, local art enthusiasts, curious kids, and so many others.

This whole project has been absolutely incredible and the highs and lows of this process have been profound, beginning with the energy you gave me when you chose to back this campaign.  That excitement was followed by the steady and focused rhythm of working alone in the shop for months to create Lift. The final push to get the sculpture finished and transported to Arizona, which seemed to last forever, was the most exhausted I’ve ever felt.  There was an exhaustion that just wouldn’t quit, and even with the hands of so many friends working alongside me at the end, there always seemed to be more work to do. When we finally installed Lift in Scottsdale I was so relieved to know it was completed, and I was content to rest in the joy of our accomplishments. Frankly, it didn’t really hit me. It wasn’t until I received a message last week from Scottsdale blogger John Romeo Alpha, who wrote about Lift, It’s the Heaviest Thing Which Lifts You Highest, that I really felt like we’d done what we set out to do.

John’s exploration and enjoyment of the piece put into perspective for me all our hard work. All the excitement and determination we shared to make this happen has spread beyond us and is now reaching people in cities far from home.

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