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Announcing the first in my new collection Aerial.

My new collection of hot air balloon inspired forged and etched aluminum pendants has just been released to my Etsy Shop!


Inspired by Lift and created first for my very special Kickstarter backers, this unique collection of etched aluminum pendants are the latest line of work to come out of my shop!

I’m really excited to share this collection with you because it bridges the gap between the hot air balloon imagery I have been exploring as I created Lift and the smaller, more intimate work I love to create and share with you.

These pendants were made by forging  aluminum bars (the same aluminum used to create the balloons in Lift).  I then sand one side of the forged medallion smooth, while the other side is left showing the hammer marks. The smooth side is then painted and etched to reveal a hot air balloon design. When you run your finger across these pendants you can feel the raised and lowered metal surfaces. The color of the pendant is the color the aluminum turns when etched. I clean the metal and seal it with a clear coat to preserve the shiny surfaces.

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