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My days are filled with absolute filth, whether it’s coal, soot, or metal dust I come home coated in a layer of black. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Traditional Blacksmithing with Juan Holbrook

This summer has been full of learning! Because the shop hasn’t been packed full of giant projects I’ve been able to dabble in new techniques and teach lots of  workshops to others, but I’ve also had the opportunity to learn from a fellow smith who’s […]

Father’s Day Specials

Say Happy Father’s Day with hand-forged gifts! Check out my hand forged selection of accessories and home decor on Etsy. The shop is bursting with handsome and handy gifts for dad this year! My newest listing is Father’s Day inspired- this Father’s Day Gift combo […]

This Week’s Blacksmithing Classes

This is a fun week in the shop with lots of blacksmithing workshops being offered! Sign up individually for $55 or with a friend for $100. If you sign up as a group of 4 you can choose your own time and workshop topic. Exciting! […]

Westward Adventure

The last leg of the journey! The sculpture was powdercoated and finally ready to be wrapped up, loaded up, and transported 2000 miles to the west! Casper wished us luck and we were on our way! Day 1: We realize the car can’t top 60 […]

A New Way of Weaving

I’ve just returned from Arizona and am happy to announce Lift is complete and has been installed in Scottsdale! Thanks to you, the Scottsdale Public Art Program, and many friends who lent a hand at the end, we did it! I’d hoped to coordinate a […]

Balloons Being Built

It’s been a wild January and my shop is teeming with materials, in all stages of configuration. I’ve dragged my feet on updating you until I had some really good photos to share. Of course I wish I was sharing some “Hey look! I put […]

Westermens Women in Welding Series Interview

I was approached by Westermen’s- an international welding supply company- to do an interview for their Women in Welding Series. After reading the interviews of other women metalworkers I was totally inspired and agreed to participate! You can read my story here. This company is […]

Weaving Hot Metal

I am in the final week of my Kickstarter for “Lift”. Please visit the Kickstarter page to see what I’m raising money for and consider passing it along to friends and family. I need your help to make this happen! This is a project update […]

2014 Blacksmithing Workshop Schedule

Hello all! I finally have my spring workshop schedule set. All the details are posted on my website, and you can sign up there or purchase a Gift Certificate. Workshops are offered from March 1- April 30 The workshops are designed for 4 people and […]

Out of the Woods

Out of the Woods

What a very exciting September I’ve had and a perfect way to begin October! I just completed this full-size bear sculpture, called Out of the Woods, which is now installed at the Brick City Gallery in Ocala, where you can drop in to check it […]



Dust I know it’s filthy but I love the way a heaping pile of metal dust looks on my shop floor. The tracks and patterns I leave in it while I work are nice to look at. These patterns are from the end of the […]