Dig It

Leslie Tharp

Dig It

Mixed Media map


This map is a tool to be used when we find the consumer culture

has grown so large it is not only possible,

but ethical to live from, create from, and give from its waste.

Dig It.

What the back side reads:

The gentrye are all round, on each side they are sound. Theire wisdom’s so profound, to cheat us of our ground. Stand up now, Diggers all.                                                                    -The Digger Song, Gerarrd Winstanley

-Endland- 1649- the Diggers gather to cultivate common land.

-San Francisco- 1960’s- new group of Diggers combined street theater, anarcho-direct action, and art happenings in their social agenda of creating a Free City.

Digging etiquette– follow these steps to keep dumpsters from being locked

-scout first- figure out proper times to dig

-be quiet- alone or with friends, be discrete

-lights low- when digging with flashlights keep beams down

-selective- don’t take what you don’t need or can’t carry

-don’t threaten or intimidate passers-by or employees

-don’t be afraid to get dirty, but dress appropriately for the job

It’s the Law

Digging on private property is illegal (this includes dumpsters behind buildings if on business property).

Talking recyclables is theft (the city makes money off them).

Gainesville Police Department typically responds when business complain. I do not encourage illegal activity. All the information on this map is public knowledge, and you are responsible for what you do with it.


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