Westward Adventure

The last leg of the journey! The sculpture was powdercoated and finally ready to be wrapped up, loaded up, and transported 2000 miles to the west! Casper wished us luck and we were on our way! Day 1: We realize the car can’t top 60 […]

Full of Color

Time for powder! Time for what? Once the sculpture was finished being built it was time to get it powder coated. Most of my exterior sculptures are powder coated to prevent water damage and rusting. This type of finish is long lasting, eco friendly, and […]

A New Way of Weaving

I’ve just returned from Arizona and am happy to announce Lift is complete and has been installed in Scottsdale! Thanks to you, the Scottsdale Public Art Program, and many friends who lent a hand at the end, we did it! I’d hoped to coordinate a […]

Balloons Being Built

It’s been a wild January and my shop is teeming with materials, in all stages of configuration. I’ve dragged my feet on updating you until I had some really good photos to share. Of course I wish I was sharing some “Hey look! I put […]

Westermens Women in Welding Series Interview

I was approached by Westermen’s- an international welding supply company- to do an interview for their Women in Welding Series. After reading the interviews of other women metalworkers I was totally inspired and agreed to participate! You can read my story here. This company is […]

What I Learned from Crowdfunding

Have you heard the amazing news!!?? Last week my Kickstarter for Lift was successful!! Thank you everyone for your help. It was a wild ride and I’m so grateful for all the support I received. Now I’m looking forward to hitting the shop and creating […]

Weaving Hot Metal

I am in the final week of my Kickstarter for “Lift”. Please visit the Kickstarter page to see what I’m raising money for and consider passing it along to friends and family. I need your help to make this happen! This is a project update […]

Buy Hand Made and play Pin It to WIN IT

  Wednesday, Nov 27th –  Monday, Dec 2nd When you buy hand made you get higher quality goods in return and you directly support the makers behind the work you love. Celebrate Buy Hand Made In my Etsy Shop. Over the Thanksgiving weekend when you […]

2014 Blacksmithing Workshop Schedule

Hello all! I finally have my spring workshop schedule set. All the details are posted on my website, and you can sign up there or purchase a Gift Certificate. Workshops are offered from March 1- April 30 The workshops are designed for 4 people and […]

Metal Hot Air Balloons and the Reason Why

I’ve been on a quest to create large metal hot air balloons for quite a while….and now thanks to the Scottsdale Public Art Program and YOU Lift is finally going to happen! The development of this piece stretches years and years into my past. This […]