My Process

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Current Project:

I am currently creating a large iron sculpture for the City of Gainesville Senior Rec Center.

The Giving Tree

This sculpture is inspired by the book, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. A tale of selfless love and support, the tree finds her life in parallel to that of a young boy who visits her. The story begins with playful scenes of climbing and swinging from the tree’s branches. As the boy grows into manhood, he requests more of the tree, selling her apples for profit, and using her wood to build a house and boat.  It concludes with the fully grown man peacefully sitting on the Giving Tree’s stump, both of them content in their destinies.

The Giving Tree, found at the Rec Center, will symbolize the love and support the community of Gainesville offers its members. This tree will have just begun her life with the members of the center and the tree’s branches will be full and strong, providing a place to sit, socialize, and grow.  This project will be installed in Gainesville, Fl in November 2011.


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