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Suggest Lift’s Next Location

Lift has been on exhibition in Scottsdale, Arizona for nearly 5 months and it feels like no time at all!   The exhibition wraps up in early August and Lift will be relocated to a new city, so be sure to drop by and visit […]

Complete and In Air

Lift is successfully installed. Thanks to YOU and the Scottsdale Public Art Program this large sculpture will be enjoyed by people of all ages in cities near and far. Today it stands in Scottsdale, AZ where it is being seen, explored, considered, photographed, and appreciated […]

A New Way of Weaving

I’ve just returned from Arizona and am happy to announce Lift is complete and has been installed in Scottsdale! Thanks to you, the Scottsdale Public Art Program, and many friends who lent a hand at the end, we did it! I’d hoped to coordinate a […]

Balloons Being Built

It’s been a wild January and my shop is teeming with materials, in all stages of configuration. I’ve dragged my feet on updating you until I had some really good photos to share. Of course I wish I was sharing some “Hey look! I put […]

What I Learned from Crowdfunding

Have you heard the amazing news!!?? Last week my Kickstarter for Lift was successful!! Thank you everyone for your help. It was a wild ride and I’m so grateful for all the support I received. Now I’m looking forward to hitting the shop and creating […]

Metal Hot Air Balloons and the Reason Why

I’ve been on a quest to create large metal hot air balloons for quite a while….and now thanks to the Scottsdale Public Art Program and YOU Lift is finally going to happen! The development of this piece stretches years and years into my past. This […]